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Amber with silver

113 items
Amber Ring Amazing Amber Ring Amazing Amazing
398.00 EUR
Amber Ring Antique Amber Ring Antique Antique
79.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Antique Coin Amber Pendant Antique Coin Antique Coin
48.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Blic Blic
128.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Burble Pancakes Burble Pancakes
125.00 EUR
Amber Cufflinks Businessman Businessman
95.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Cherry Balls Cherry Balls
160.00 EUR
Amber Ring Cherry Oval Cherry Oval
98.00 EUR
Amber Bracelet Dance Amber Bracelet Dance Dance
345.00 EUR
Amber Ring Dark Almond Dark Almond
124.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Delight Delight
145.00 EUR
Amber Ring Energizing Amber Ring Energizing Energizing
165.00 EUR
Amber Necklace Frozen Moment Amber Necklace Frozen Moment Frozen Moment
475.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Giza Giza
68.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Gomio Gomio
98.00 EUR
Amber Ring Hipnose Amber Ring Hipnose Hipnose
98.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Icicle Icicle
135.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Impulse Impulse
368.00 EUR
Amber Ring Incredible Amber Ring Incredible Incredible
149.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Lakshmi Lakshmi
58.00 EUR
Amber Necklace Modern Lady Modern Lady
488.00 EUR
Amber Necklace Modern Lady 2 Modern Lady 2
486.00 EUR
Amber Ring Mosaic Mosaic
55.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Mosaic Style Mosaic Style
45.00 EUR