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Amber only

193 items
Unique Sultan's Elephant Unique Sultan's Elephant Sultan's Elephant
6,500.00 EUR
Unique Adam and Eve Adam and Eve
3,600.00 EUR
Unique Amber Chess Unique Amber Chess Amber Chess
6,969.00 EUR
Unique Angel with Flower Angel with Flower
2,695.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Antique Coin Amber Pendant Antique Coin Antique Coin
48.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Burble Pancakes Burble Pancakes
125.00 EUR
Unique Century Box Unique Century Box Century Box
4,800.00 EUR
Amber Bracelet Dance Amber Bracelet Dance Dance
345.00 EUR
Unique Dancing Seahorses Dancing Seahorses
2,795.00 EUR
Amber Ring Dark Almond Dark Almond
124.00 EUR
Amber Bracelet Dark Beads Amber Bracelet Dark Beads Dark Beads
115.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Delight Delight
145.00 EUR
Unique Ferrari Horse Ferrari Horse
2,559.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Gomio Gomio
98.00 EUR
Amber Bracelet Honey Tone Amber Bracelet Honey Tone Honey Tone
550.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Icicle Icicle
135.00 EUR
Amber Ring Incredible Amber Ring Incredible Incredible
149.00 EUR
Unique Jewelry Box Unique Jewelry Box Jewelry Box
3,450.00 EUR
Unique Lady from Heaven Lady from Heaven
12,350.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Lakshmi Lakshmi
58.00 EUR
Unique Little Angel Unique Little Angel Little Angel
1,388.00 EUR
Souvenir Magic Tree Magic Tree
65.00 EUR
Amber Necklace Modern Lady Modern Lady
488.00 EUR