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Amber with gold

13 items
Amber Necklace Flowers in Snow Amber Necklace Flowers in Snow Flowers in Snow
1,395.00 EUR
Amber Ring Foggy Stone Amber Ring Foggy Stone Foggy Stone
498.00 EUR
Amber Ring Milk Amber Ring Milk Milk
598.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Milk Drop Milk Drop
488.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Perfect Drop Perfect Drop
338.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Yellow Drop Yellow Drop
698.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Carved Drop Amber Pendant Carved Drop Carved Drop
550.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Goddess Teardrop Amber Pendant Goddess Teardrop Goddess Teardrop
1,395.00 EUR
Amber Earrings Golden Flowers Golden Flowers
345.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Noble Amber Pendant Noble Noble
448.00 EUR
Amber Pendant Golden Flower Golden Flower
145.00 EUR