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About Amber Boutique

Amber Boutique specializes in natural Baltic amber jewelry craftsmanship. Based in Lithuania, our family business is focused to exclusive designs and this philosophy isn’t changing for decades. Read more about our company here.

Have you ever heard that amber is being called as Baltic gold? This precious stone was gifted for the world millions of years ago by graceful pines, resin of which, being affected by salty Baltic sea waters, sun and air, through time got its form and shape as we see it now.

Today we are glad to work with such stone and offer artworks created from it to the whole world! We carefully select and process every single piece of raw amber by creating various types of handmade jewelry: from simple stones of fortune and amber pendants, to exclusively designed amber bracelets and necklaces. Moreover, to gain some luxury sparkles many of them are paired with silver, gold and diamonds!

One of our feature items is Baltic amber necklace. Such jewelry pieces can be distinguished by extraordinary designs, carefully crafted by using only different types of naturally shaped amber beads or pairing them with other precious metals or stones. Not less extravagant ones are our amber bracelets too! Beautiful synthesis of both raw and polished pieces, varying in colours, sizes as well as shapes is able to create unique adornments, looking more like artworks.

Want something special but more delicate for everyday wear? Then, opt for amber earrings! Elegant touch of nature will definitely warm up your day.

And, what about the amber rings, gracefully adorning your fingers? When wearing such pieces of jewelry, one would never pass by unnoticed!

Moreover, we are focusing not only to female items: Amber Boutique can offer exclusively designed men’s amber jewelry too.

Amber is a universal stone, which may be worn for everyday life as well as special occasions. So, take a look in our online amber shop and choose your favourite shine!